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Cryptocurrency mining farm. You can start earning as soon as we set them up for you.


Mining Farm with 8 GPUs video cards RX 570 4GB



Energy consumption


Hush rate

230 Mh/s

Monthly anticipated earnings without the cost for electricity (as of 12/02/18)



Mining Farm with 8 GPUs video cards RX 580 8GB


8 GB

Energy consumption


Hush rate

232-248 Mh/s

Monthly anticipated earnings without the cost for electricity (as of 12/02/18)



Mining Farm with 8 GPUs video cards 1070 8GB



Energy consumption


Hush rate

till 4000 Sol/s

Monthly anticipated earnings without the cost for electricity (as of 12/02/18)



Mining Farm with 8 GPUs video cards 1070ti 8G



Energy consumption


Hush rate

till 4800 Sol/s

Monthly anticipated earnings without the cost for electricity (as of 12/02/18)



Mining Farm with 8 GPUs video cards 1080ti 8G



Energy consumption


Hush rate

till 7200 Sol/s

Monthly anticipated earnings without the cost for electricity (as of 12/02/18)



This is easy!

No matter which farm you choose - our mining farms supplied fully set up and ready to work. Our mining farms is suitable for those who are new to the world of crypto currencies and do not require any special knowledge. All that you need is to connect it to the power supply and the Internet.


Perspective and long-term type of earnings.

Second income

Mining generates cryptocurrency automatically without you being actively involved 24/7 as long as your farm connected to the power supply and the internet.


It is your choice which cryptocurrency you
would like to mine at any given moment.


Cryptocurrency mining farm offers you
a quick return on an investment.

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The farm is using GPU (graphic processing unit) video card for the cryptocurrency mining process. In simple words, it is a home PC with high specs, which uses number of video cards (on average between 4 and 8) and a high-end power supply. To produce or mine a cryptocurrency, the miners use a special software tool to solve some typical mathematical problems. And in exchange of that, they are issued a certain number of cryptocurrencies. In order to achieve this, it has to be connected to the power supply and the internet.

The earnings that the mining farm can bring dependents on its productivity, as well as the current value of the crypto currency that the farm produces. On our site, we provide the estimated profitability of each farm that we offer for sale.

Mining farms vary based on their productivity, which directly relates to their number of cryptocurrencies that they allow to mine. The second biggest variable is energy consumption. You can mine more profitably from the more expensive and more powerful farms from out catalogue.

Our customers can decide which coins they want to mine. There are certain cryptocurrencies which are less profitable to mine due to the high hash power that they require, like bitcoin. At the beginning of 2018, most popular cryptocurrencies to mine are Etherium and Zcash.

All mined cryptocurrency from your farm goes directly to your cryptocurrency wallet. You can store it in the cloud or download to your PC. The user can choose which cryptocurrency wallet they would like to use. We assist our customers to choose and register for most appropriate cryptocurrency wallet based on level of the security offered, ease of access etc.

You can cash out generated cryptocurrency into your preferred currency such as euro at any moment at the rate at the time of the exchange. This is done using special exchanges or margin trading. The exchanged money can be transferred to specified bank account.

The life span expectation of the mining farm depends of the hardware quality and conditions of use. With the correct use the average lifespan of the mining farm is a minimum of 3-4 year and can be even more. All the hardware for mining farms are carefully selected by Feinmining and covered under warranty.

Our mining farms are set up by professionals and consist of the latest parts on the market. All that is required from you is to connect it to the power supply and to the Internet. You can start mining from the moment the farm is connected. Farms also have capability to accelerate, which is achieved with a special software. Our mining farms are designed to use all its resources to maximise its profit.

Please contact us either via our website or at and we will be happy to discuss alternative options with you.

The purchased mining farm is fully owned by you and you can sell it at any moment as any personal goods, such as PC. If you are interested, you can make your offer to us for consideration. We are looking in time to launch a trade-in option which will allow you to exchange your existing mining farm for a brand new one.

We offer you to place your chosen mining farm at our mining centre. The Feinmining Centres are located in Poland and Czech Republic. We charge 20% of the cryptocurrency that your mining farm generates. This covers rental cost, maintenance and service charges and stable internet connection. Additionally, you will be responsible to cover the cost of electricity consumed by your farm. We will provide you with an electricity bills on the monthly basis. The electricity tariffs vary with an average between €0.1 to €0.24 for 1kW. Whether your farm located in one of our centres or at your own location, all the mined currency will be deposited to your digital wallet. It is your responsibility to settle your liabilities with Feinmining every month.

Our delivery services are provided by DHL and Hermes. Price for delivery is based on individual requirements such as destination country and weight of the goods ordered.

At present we accept following payment methods:

  • Bank transfer (Uberweisung);
  • PayPal;
  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Etherium and Ripple)

Please note the order can be processed only after the receipt of the full payment.

All parts of the mining farm covered under warranty for the duration of 1-3 years. The duration of the warranty depends on each part individual manufacturer. Warranty terms may vary subject to where is you mining farm is located, such as at your own location or on one of our sites. For further information please contact our sales team at or via Facebook.


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Terms and Conditions

We start preparing your order only on receipt of a full payment. The time that is required to set up an individual mining farm is determined individually depending on the availability of components from the supplier firms and other factors. The estimated time that is required to prepare and set up the mining farm can be changed to a greater or lesser extent from the set timing.

For the delivery we use insured currier services. The delivery time depends on the delivery company and the Feinmining is not responsible for any possible delays.
When paying for an order in a crypto currency, Feinmining has the right to increase the price of the goods due to the possible volatility of the crypto currency and the costs associated with cashing.

The mining farms offered for sale consist of various components purchased from number of different suppliers. In the event of a breakdown and / or warranty matters of any part of the farm, claims / return or exchange of necessary parts are forwarded to the supplier of the relevant part directly. In such circumstances Feinmining can only act as an agent.
The company offers the service of assembling and setting up the mining farms. We are not guarantee any income to the buyer. The estimated profitability of mining farms are indicative only. The buyer of the equipment (mining-farm) personally carries all risks associated with the purchase / sale / mining of the crypto currency.